Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who's walking who?

Greetings from Watchthesky family farm! :) It feels like forever since I have found the time to say hello in blogland... almost a week!

#59 is doing good. She is a very nice cow and I am growing fond of her. Shocking, I know. Me, the animal hater actually thinks having a big moo-ing animal in the backyard is a good thing. The dog on the other hand... we're trying to get rid of her. No takers yet but I'm still hopeful. :{

Anyway, back to Twink. She had enough of her fenced in pasture and thought the grass on the other side was much greener (which it was) and tried her hand hoof at getting to it. To make a long story short, she broke the fence, hubby noticed what was going on from a window upstairs, and the whole family took action to get her to chill a bit.

1st step in keeping a cow from pushing down a piddly little fence is to spray water toward the broken part. I guess cows don't like to be sprayed. It worked for us anyway.
Secondly, the whole family starts cutting long grass wherever they can find it, for a good 1/2 hour, to throw to the cow to keep her busy and happy and away from broken fence while hubby digs a hole for a new post. ( You only do this if you do not realize you could have just put her in the barn until hubby was done).
Thirdly, once hubby has a post to chain her to out in the new pasture, you take her for a little walk & hope she doesn't have a mind to run. (Turn your volume up for this spell binding video). :)

Did you hear my humble and wise suggestion? Yep, I'm pretty smart... and helpful.

Fourthly, when the cow gets two legs all caught up in her chain while grazing in her new pasture and you think she's going to break a leg or have a nervous breakdown, you forget you have neighbors and start yelling like a crazy lady for you hubby to "COME RIGHT NOW..... PLEASE!!!" I'm sure I sounded very calm, cool, & collected. I'm sure we put on a good show for all our neighbors and passerbys as well.
And lastly, holding a large container of grain you just lead your cow back to the barn and lock her up until you can get a proper fence in place.

Life on a farm when you don't have a clue what you're doing can be very interesting....and make for a few good laughs at the supper table.

Friday, April 11, 2008

WIll you join me??? Please!?!?!?

I decided to move sooner rather than later. Once I get something in my head it is hard to ignore. I have posted a Mr.Linky of sorts at my new home on the web for anyone who cares about BRF. It's a little funky but I'll get the bugs worked out sometime.
My new address is....

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

double dog dare

Tomorrow is Book Review Friday ladies. I am DOUBLE DOG DARING YOU to write a review to add to Mr.Linky tomorrow. If you haven't read Romans 14-16 yet go do it RIGHT NOW so that you actually have something to say. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out my sidebar to see what BRF is all about. To be able to link to my Book Review Friday post all you have to do it read the chapters I chose for the week and write something about it. Your favourite verse from those chapters, a 'light' that came on as you read something, a verse you chose to memorize and why, all of those being very good ways to write a review. Hey, Even if you just link and say, "yep, I read it!", I'll be so excited. Short & sweet or long & deep, its up to you. :)

Also warning y'all that I just might be switching my blog back to wordpress in the near future. Will you all be willing to follow me around?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Left undone

I left my little guy at the kitchen table to finish up his math drill sheet. When I came back from doing some laundry (or checking my email) I found this.

Notice half of the math problems left undone beside his cuisenaire rod masterpiece.

My little guy was out by the barn with daddy by this time having a great time and I didn't have the heart to call him in to finish. It was the first beautiful no-jacket day of the season.

We'll work on the math tomorrow. You're only 6 for so long ya know. :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dyslexia can be cute :)

We have come a long LONG way since realizing that my daughter has dyslexia, that was almost a year ago. Up until just a few months ago she didn't even want to try writing anything. She just couldn't read or write, too frustrating. After just a week of doing our reading differently in school we saw drastic improvements and she enjoys things much more now. So glad!

I found a story she had written on her own one day. You'll notice that although I'll tell you she can read pretty good her spelling is way out there. :) Too cute.

My favourite part is the beginning word(s).

And the words all drawn around that cutie little clown.

Maybe I should give you all the interpretation?
"Once upon a time there was a clown. The clown had big feet. He always thought there was always rain so he always went with an umbrella. He always did funny shoes. He even had a toy clown."

And then yesterday I was also proudly presented with her newest drawing of our favourite cow Twink, otherwise known as #59.

I think these are frame worthy and will be putting them up somewhere sometime.