Thursday, April 10, 2008

double dog dare

Tomorrow is Book Review Friday ladies. I am DOUBLE DOG DARING YOU to write a review to add to Mr.Linky tomorrow. If you haven't read Romans 14-16 yet go do it RIGHT NOW so that you actually have something to say. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out my sidebar to see what BRF is all about. To be able to link to my Book Review Friday post all you have to do it read the chapters I chose for the week and write something about it. Your favourite verse from those chapters, a 'light' that came on as you read something, a verse you chose to memorize and why, all of those being very good ways to write a review. Hey, Even if you just link and say, "yep, I read it!", I'll be so excited. Short & sweet or long & deep, its up to you. :)

Also warning y'all that I just might be switching my blog back to wordpress in the near future. Will you all be willing to follow me around?

1 comment:

barb said...

I like Wordpress so I will be following you:):)