Friday, April 4, 2008

Book Review Friday: Romans 11-13

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My mother called me today begging me to get my book review post up for you all. Begged I tell you. I have hundreds of desperate ladies emailing me everyday wanting to know about my Bible reading system and all that its done for me.

Okay, so I've never gotten an email with someone asking me about my study time, and my mom just casually asked me what we'd be reading this week. Actually she thought we were reading 11- 16 this past week, so she's good to go. I told her she was off the hook this week and didn't have to pick up her Bible at all since she did double duty the past 7 days. But moving on... moving on...

First things first, we'll move on to finish up Romans this week. So Romans chapters 14-16 until next Friday ladies.

I shamefully realized when I read to the kids at bedtime I had only read chapters 11-13 once this week. How can a person get so sidetracked?!?! Especially when they are the host for BRF!? So I promptly read 11-13 to the kids and then again before writing this review. This coming week I will be more diligent. I have a plan. :)

I loved all 3 times I read this passage!!! Love it.

I totally see election in the first few verses in chapter 11. "but the elect have obtained it, and the rest were blinded." vs.7 I also saw a bit of free will in there but can't remember where. It amazes me how there can be both, but I see it all through the scripture. Someday I'll understand. Someday.:)

Also in chapter 11 in all the talk about the branches, roots, and grafting I was humbled. Even when i do something good. Even when things go well with me, it's all because of my root system, not me. If God hadn't chosen to graft me into His amazing root system I would be capable of nothing. What can a branch do just lying on the ground beside a tree?? That would be me without Christ. But then the Ultimate Grafter comes and picks me up and decides to use me. How could I boast of anything that is accomplished through me. I'm just sitting on the tree showing what kind of tree I'm on.
In chapter 11 Paul also reminds people that they can be chosen or thrown away. God is One to be feared, so tread lightly. vs 22 says to 'consider the severity of God.' Another Romans reminder to live like God is God. Don't be a fool that does not 'glorify Him as God'.

After considering all that we are and all that God is, how we are indebted to Him for everything, and the fate of our eternal soul rests in His hands, we are to offer ourselves as a sacrifice to our God. After reading those chapters how could we want to do any less. But it goes back to the 'doing what I will not to do, and not doing what I will to do' situation. When push comes to shove it's hard to follow through on this. If I give myself to be grafted into His tree in the way He wants I will prove what is good, holy, and acceptable just like the verse says. All that because of the roots I'm drawing from. I cannot think of myself more highly than I ought to think, because there is nothing to think highly of obviously. These verses are a great reminder of that fact.

Now verses 12:9-13:10 were even more humbling. All the evidences of a branch that has sacrificed itself to be grafted. I don't see much of those evidenced in me here at Watchthesky. And I'm thinking that the grafting process probably hurts. But nothing good comes from a branch laying on the ground. No pain no gain.

And quickly because this is long and hubby is ready to sit and chill... I loved the last few verses. I just might have to find time to change my blogs theme verse. " is high time to awake out of sleep...The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light." 13:11,12 Love it.

I have to run. Might not even have time to spell check. Please add your review to Mr.Linky if you did one. I'd love to check it out.

Keep reading.

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Barb said...

Your review gave me much to thiink about as usual. Isn't it great to know that one day we'll see Christ and we will be like Him. The part you said about the grafting part being painful, I am thinking you are very right, we need to be mindful of the end result though. And oh yea the part of not thinking more highly of ourseves than we ought. Lots of work yet to be done on my part!!! Praise God He isn't finished with me yet.