Sunday, November 4, 2007

What is Book Review Friday?

Book review friday is just a bit of an encouragment for all of us busy ladies to get a little deeper into the Word of God. Join us each Friday as we read through a certain book of the Bible each day for a whole week. Even if you don't read it every day you still learn so much and it helps to start a great habit. Each Friday you can put what you've learned in the past week on your own blog and use Mr. Linky right here at 'Run the Earth, Watch the Sky', so it's available to all of us involved, and we can be an encouragement to each other. When you have it in mind that you will be giving a little write up on what you learned or loved in the book you read that week, it helps you to avoid reading your Bible just for the sake of reading. I pray this will be fun and a help in our quest to 'keep our minds on things above'.
Remember to run the earth and watch the sky!

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