Monday, November 12, 2007

Trust the instruments???

Now, what's a girl to do when yet another warning light comes on in the van? Since we got our van a few years ago we've had a couple lights pop up. First it was the engine light. We thought that to be a pretty serious one and had it checked out. Just a wiring glitch, ignore it. Okay, but what if the engine has big-time problems someday and we wouldn't know? No answer for that one.
Then a little while later the brake light came on. We didn't bother getting it checked, hubby thought they were okay. Ignore that one too. The third warning was the telling us there was a door ajar somewhere. We spent a few minutes slamming every door and finally decided to ignore that one too.
Well, tonight the 'light' light came on. Apparently there is a light out somewhere. I didn't even bother to check. It's probably just a stupid wiring glitch again.
All this to say.... If you see a woman driving a navy blue van erratically, it's probably because the engine died, her brakes quit as she was speeding down the road trying to get her door closed, all while she couldn't see where she was going because the lights went out.
If I get a vote,(which I doubt), I say to get the wiring fixed or sell the van and let someone else worry about it.

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