Monday, November 12, 2007

Gimme Gimme never gets..... or do they?

Everyone is raising money these days. I enjoy giving money to a worthy cause. Missions, Diabetes Assoc., Compassion Canada, etc. But whoever started the whole "Sponsor me so we can go on a cool class trip." or "Would you buy some apples so our scouts group can do some cool stuff." or even "I want to play sports but don't have the money, could you sponsor me a few dollars?". Where did that whole mentality come from??? There was a response in our home for times like this. Dad always said "Go pick apples!". Does no one know the meaning of the word 'work' anymore. If you need money, get a job. Simple. Don't go around begging loot off of others so you can pursue a fun past time. If you want to play hockey you will have to get a job to pay for all the gear, ice time, weekends away, dentist's visits etc. That's just the way it is, or should be. If your scouts or Brownies group want to go camping and do neat projects, then all those little girls and guys should be filing into those apple orchards and getting to work.
Or, if this mentality is truly acceptable can I run with it in my own personal endeavors???? You see, I really want to have more flowers. I would love my dooryard to be full of wonderful colorful blooms. The fact is it's just too expensive to go crazy at the local garden centre so could you sponsor me? I really am excited about it and I would water and weed them each day, I just need $150 or so. I might even become famous and be in a magazine someday. Do you want to be in on the deal?
Or how about scrapbooking. It's my passion. I have some great ideas for a whole new page to work on. If you could sponsor me $60 I'm sure I could do a great job. Would you like to be part of my creative hobby in a financial way?
Doesn't really make sense but that's what kids are being taught to do. Everything they want handed to them and they grow up thinking they deserve for people to hand their money over anytime they feel a need to do something new but don't want to dig into their own pockets to do it. I've got 3 words for all of them, "Go pick apples!". :)

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