Friday, December 14, 2007

As little hearts ponder.

Warning** The following post is a reprint from back in the day, like last year.**
My daughter was quite deceived as to the man's work ethic.
It was just me and her waiting in the van for the rest of the family to come out of Canadian Tire (hubby's favourite store) and there wasn't anything to do. I had already put all the garbage in a bag, cleaned out my purse and organized a few things, then a man came out to gather the carts for the nearby grocery store. My daughter's comment had something to do with his hard work and I refrained from saying something to the effect of, " He's a lazy idiot is what he is" and tried to find a more suitable way of explaining that she was entirely wrong. Then, because I was feeling perky & organized and ready to take on the world, I figured why not bring up the subject of who she should marry. Boy, did that get her thinking.
My little girl is a very serious little girl, if you knew her well you would know that. She's shy and squishes up her nose if you talk to her and she can be very silly. But, I knew if I brought something like this up she will mull it over time and time again and take it all very seriously.
So we studied that man and how hard he really was working. She started noticing he didn't care about how quickly he got his job done (he was taking his sweet time that's for sure), and how many trips in and out of the store it took him to get the very few carts all put back in order. I started explaining to her about how she needs to study boys like that over the years to know what they are really like so that when she is all grown up and ready to get married she will know if the man will take care of her or not.
We talked about how if a boy works really hard at his job (& quickly), whether he enjoys it or not, then he will be the type of man that will work hard to take care of you and provide for the family. If he is very kind & caring to his mom, sisters, and other girls, then he will be kind and caring as a husband.
We also talked about being the kind of woman that a man like that would want. That part was a little humbling. I had to tell her we would learn together to be like that because I had a lot to learn too. I couldn't say like it says in Prov.23:26 " give me your heart, And let your eyes observe my ways".
And of course, I realized once again the huge job in front of me of raising 3 boys to be the kind of men that will be 'that good husband'. Oh my, I could get tired just thinking about it. It's terrifying! But one thing at a time. I had a little talk with my little girl and she has another 11 years (at least) to ponder on a few things, and learn to become a psychologist when it comes to finding the perfect man.


Nikki said...

Thank you for sharing this. I have mulled over this post throughout the day and really appreciated that you took the time to write it. I have a little girl who is four and she just has full faith that she will be a perfect Mommy (like she thinks I am) one day. She regularly tells me things she thinks about and where she will get married one day. But after reading this post of yours, I realized, I need to talk to her more about these things as well. And seeing as I have three boys myself, boy am I intimidated! Sometimes I wonder about my oldest and if anything is sinking in. But it's these moments that we need to seize to teach our children. So thank you.

Shannon said...

Hello Nikki. It's a tall order for us all, eh! But as I've been told by godly women as I tell them just how scared it makes me, God gave these children to us & He will do what He plans to do. Glad this was an encouragement to you! :) Merry Christmas!