Friday, December 28, 2007

Book Review Friday Returns :)

Okay, so I learned something these past couple of weeks. I need Book Review Friday! Without that accountability I totally lost the gumption to keep reading by the end of the holiday stretch. So whether you all are in on it or not, I must do it for me. If you are new to the whole idea please check it all out here:
  • Book Review Friday

  • One thing I noticed in Exodus as I was reading a while ago was how quickly the Israelites turned away from God. They were saved from being slaves in Egypt and saw miraculous things happen by God's hand on their behalf. As soon as Moses left them to go commune with the Lord they all melted their jewelery and started worshipping a golden calf and doing perfectly wicked things. Just like that! No backsliding bit by bit, they went full throttle into major sin. We can do the same thing. It scares me that I can not only become complacent in my walk with the Lord, but I can actually desire and enjoy sin, and become that way overnight.
    When given their freedom the Israelites showed their true colours. As soon as they were on their own and the accountability of Moses was gone we see where their hearts really were the whole time. God can show us the true state of ourselves in the same way. I cancelled the book reviews for a short time and already started finding reasons that I couldn't fit reading in each day. I'm not proud of it. It's just one small/big step in the completely wrong direction.
    And so with that all said I reinstate Book Review Friday and call on all ladies out there to join in. It's worth it.

    For the next week I'll try to start things up where we should be (not where I actually am). How about Exodus chapters 35-40 until Jan 4th? I'll read through the chapters I missed to catch up and not miss exactly what's going on. :) I'm really looking forward to getting back to the basics and I really hope there are others out there who want to do the same. :) :)
    Besides, when I told my hubby a couple weeks ago that I was considering doing away with the book review, my blog.... everything, he told me that really wasn't a good idea. I wasn't expecting him to encourage me to keep blogging, but since I always try to be oh-so-submissive I'll keep things going here at Watch the Sky. :)

    Let's do another head count and see just who is joining us so far in this new year coming up with our weekly readings. Leave a comment if you're up for being a part of book review Friday, whether you have a blog to post your review or not does not matter, just let us all know if you are actually reading. :)

    Hope you all had a merry Christmas and are encouraged for the new year to come!


    Kylie said...

    I'm reading! :-)

    Anonymous said...

    sadly, I also did not keep up with the reading over Chrismas. I need you to be posting the chapters and reviews in order for me to keep going I guess. Sad as that is :) But I am going to keep reading now that you are back :)

    I'm glad your hubby said that you should keep this up :)

    Shannon said...

    Hey! Two so far! Very exciting. :) Kylie, so glad to see a new name! :) :) :)

    Seven said...

    of course you know i'm in. i don't even know what chapter of exodus i am on, but i'll catch up this week.

    Shannon said...

    Seven, I'm learning to never assume anything. A wise woman once told me that. :)

    Kylie said...

    Thank you, Shannon! :-)

    Anniepannie said...

    How did I miss this post? Sorry for the late reply, but I'm so totally in.

    Shannon said...

    Hey anniepanniem, I'm so totally glad you are. :)