Saturday, March 22, 2008

Confessions of a milk maid.

Since purchasing #59 life has taken on new flare.
Would it be extreme to say that life is out of control??
No, I think not.

Something has to change and I've been desperately trying to think of some other way to change besides what I know is necessary. No, I'm not quitting blogging. I don't do that much anymore anyway. Really I'm the one that should quit and
  • the one who really knows how to write and spell
  • should be blogging instead. But we've got it backwards. :)

    When we brought that cow home everyone told us how much work it would be. It is true that it takes a chunk out of your day, but taking care of a cow is not that hard, especially if you are sharing the work between two people. It is the consumption of time that I'm having a hard time dealing with. Here's a list of things that are falling by the wayside just because life is busy and I'm getting tired:
    *Early risers are not known around here anymore. I love the idea of being up and my day started by 6:30am, but I'm just lazy in the morning. That chilly winter morning air doesn't help either.
    *Housework is becoming more and more of a chore. Would someone please tell me where I can get some very cheap help for household duties!? I already know the answer to that one and my next problem will explain it.
    *I've lost my ambition to keep my kids busy and train them in their jobs around the home.
    *School is very hard to get started each day. The mornings that I take care of the cow means that school may not start until just before lunch.
    *I've been getting lazier and lazier with meal preparation. Cooking is not one of my favourite things to do in the best of times, when time is limited and there is already a mess in the kitchen from lack of housework being done I really don't feel like pulling out the pots and pans.
    *Reading the Book Reviews Friday Bible reading with the kids hasn't happened for a while. Daddy reads Proverbs with them each night, but that's all they are getting. Not good. I also am reading less and less. I just get tired.
    *And of course, because of all of the above we are seeing really bad attitudes making their way into our home. Everyone is grumpy because mommy is tired and grumpy and not doing all the things she should.

    Happy happy thoughts eh!? It hasn't been all misery. I'm just noticing these things are starting to take root and I'd like to nip it in the bud. All these things were there, and I knew it. It was in reading Romans that I saw things even more clearly. (See previous post).

    Now the things I know that have to change is this:
    *Mommy needs to get up early and get right to work whether she wants to or not.
    *Mommy needs to do her Bible reading with the kids, and not only will they be learning Scripture as they should but mommy will get her reading done at the same time.
    *Mommy needs to make a game plan for each day. Give each child the chores they need to do and see to it that they are done properly.
    *Mommy needs to plan ahead and get back into the habit of bi-weekly menu's and grocery lists.
    *Mommy needs to plan ahead for school and have lesson plans all drawn out the night before.
    *Mommy needs to have a great attitude and pass that same attitude on to her kids.
    *Mommy needs to get really fast at milking #59. Hubby can do it in 13 minutes flat. Mommy hasn't timed herself but is sure that she can do it that quickly too. :)

    Life is busy. I'm not complaining, its a good life that we've chosen. #59 is just another way God is stretching us and preparing us for future use. I just need to get orgainized so that I learn my lessons from God faster.


    Jenn said...

    I can so relate to this different ways of course since we are townies and don't have a cow to milk and chickens to tend to but just in my attitudes and how things get around here when I can't "handle" life some days.

    I know you can do it! I'm not so sure I can but I know you can :)

    Seven said...

    I have a few suggestions to make, but I'll wait until tomorrow when we are all sitting around stuffed full of Easter dinner. I'm sure we'll find time and stuff to talk about. We'll solve all the problems of the world. Well, hopefully our little worlds at least.

    ladyofvirtue said...

    I found your blog through your sister.

    How many times I have felt like you have expressed here!

    Sounds like you are coming to some great conclusions--God brings me to these places over and over!


    Anne said...

    I've been reading a lot of different blog posts lately that are along these same lines. They are scaring and overwhelming me for some reason.