Monday, March 31, 2008

Keep your dreams to yourself.... please.

Since we moved into our country home on all both of our acres much of our lives has changed.
Have you ever heard of the book
  • Mrs. Wow Never Wanted a Cow
  • ? We got it from the library on our last book run.

    I am Mrs. Wow. Totally. It is a silly little story about a woman who never wanted a cow but found out that a cow would actually benefit her in many ways. (That is a totally paraphrased version and I suggest you looking it up for yourself if you would like some light reading sometime.) :)

    I never wanted a cow. In fact, I always said that I would never marry a farmer because of the stink I would have in the backyard. It's true. And here I am with 24 chickens and a cow. Fancy that. And after telling all of you out there in the blogging world about our great #59, I had many people let me know that we were living their dream. Well I have one thing to say about that: Apparently I am living your dream cuz it certainly ain't mine!

    We are getting a bit better with the routine. I still think a cow is a great addition to our little Watchthesky farm adventure. #59 is supplying Seven & her clan along with our family with more than enough milk. We all think its great.

    Now I'll let you in on something new. I have officially lost my mind. I caved and gave the go ahead to hubby to get a dog for our son who is having a birthday this week. I, the submissive wife that I am, let my husband bring a dog home.
    Here she is.

    Her name is Chica. She was named by her former owners and the birthday boy likes the name so it stays.

    As soon as she walked through the door the training began. I am a newspaper trainer.

    Again, the submissive wife that I am, let hubby know that his newspaper training wasn't good enough for me and I took over. I've been down the doggy road before and I will not repeat the same mistakes. No no. Chica isn't allowed past the kitchen and this rolled up newspaper is serving as a little reminder for her. I love it when things are black & white. :)

    So here we go again. I'm sure I'm living someone else's dream. :)


    Erin said...

    well i think you are nuts. ewww. i hate dogs and i'm not afraid to let the blogging world know it. some woman tried to convince me the other day that i must respect dogs at least. no, i do not respect them. i do not like them. i do not know how i will visit you in the fall!

    Anne said...

    I'm having difficulty with this one. Will you now have dog fur on your furniture?

    Kinza said...

    My mom said she would never marry a farmer or a preacher. God showed her, and my dad is both :)

    Jenn said...

    You can always count on me to like your animals :) I think chica is cute! and I'm sure she will abide by your newspaper rules :)

    So when are you getting a cat???


    Seven said...

    it's all downhill from here. let us know when the pig and goat are arriving.

    Murray's Corner said...

    I'm with Jenn on this one! Love the new addition. But I've learned my lesson...I'll never get an animal that sheds. No way, not ever again. I can't handle it. And if I do, it'll be an outdoor dog! So hopefully Chica doesn't shed, and if she does, hopefully it doesn't bother you like it would me.