Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

It is the first day of spring and of that I am tremendously glad. I find each new winter the hardest. I am cold. I am always cold. I am tired of being cold.

To celebrate this new day full of hope of the warmer weather to come I will share a couple of pictures of what our first day of spring looks like here at Watchthesky.

Not looking so sunny and warm, but Happy Spring to Y'all anyway!!


Seven said...

I went out this morning to take advantage of the icy photo opportunity, but none of my pictures were interesting enough to share. Yours capture the day much better than mine. Here's to warmer days ahead and windows wide open!

jenn said...

depressing, isn't it? :) good pics though!

Amy D said...

Brrr! Happy Spring anyway! :)

Martha said...

Where is your snow??
We still have tons!!
Standing on my porch, the drifts are still over my head!
In the yard, its still about 2 feet deep. Seeing grass is like a dream.... sigh.