Monday, October 1, 2007

In the Orchard :)

I haven't had time to write my review for Acts. I know it is a shameful thing for the host of BRF to not have a post to put up, sorry. :( But just so you know that I am not laying around ignoring you and being lazy here is a picture of what we've been up to here at 'Watch the Sky'.

There is a very nice family farm in the neigbourhood who allows our family to come in a work in the orchards picking the drops. They don't mind all the kids which is a blessing. :) Don't be fooled by the happy waves from behind those bins in the picture, it's hard work and they don't always look that pleased. It's all part of working toward that final goal of raising our kids to 'chase life' for their Lord.

Hard work. Love it. (Hopefully someday they will too.)


Jenn said...

You and wordpress didn't get along, eh? well, I like any blog you have so I'll follow you around :)

Anonymous said...

me too.

Kristi Paulino said... picking reminds me so much of growing up in the valley...good times! (we have apples here, too, just haven't picked 'em lately!)...sweet picture...wish I could meet your dear little seem so great!!! Hope you are enjoying fall..did you go to the dollar store to buy some fake flowers yet?!

Anne said...

I'm homesick. I'm sure you have beautiful fall colors of red, orange, yellow... Just so you know, we have one fall color here: faded yellow. Not nearly as glorious as a Nova Scotian fall.

Anne said...

Hey, where's Mr.Linky on the one friday I actually have a review done?!!!!! Seriously. You'd think you had four homeschooled kids and a hubby or something. Lazoid.