Monday, October 29, 2007


Folks, this is scary! Many people out there do not think it necessary to home school. It is!
  • Read this
  • and don't think that we aren't affected by it. Children who attend any school whether in the US or Canada are dealing with these things everyday AND it will come to this before long right where we live. It's just that these new laws are so blatantly evil it should give us a wake up call before it's too late with our own children. They're kids, they aren't strong enough to handle it, (and light bulb moment here) neither are we as their parents. These are scary times and Christians need to start studying, praying, and getting into action.


    Jenn said...

    wow. yikes.

    But I'm not surprised...we live in a scary, scary world.

    Erin said...

    as my eldest sister would say, "mr man"....

    that is SCARY.