Monday, January 7, 2008

3 Random things

I don't have much to blog about but feel like posting something. So here are 3 random things I'll share with you all. :)

1. Last week we were waiting for the 'heavy snowfall warning' to actually produce some snow. The kids love snow. My daughter loves potatoes too, a lot. So when I told her it was finally snowing she asked me this, "Are the snowflakes as big as the hash browns I had yet?"
She was perfectly serious.

2. Today at lunch my youngest boy asked the blessing. His prayers always have a lot of 'And I pray that....' in it. The very last request of his was, "And I pray that daddy & Uncle J will shoot a grizzly bear. Amen."
He was perfectly serious.

3. Hubby took a trek up in the attic this morning and found a bunch of these....

Our home is almost 200 years old and this wood is the same age. It looks like the wood is wet but it's just got a bit of paint or something on the end. They were too long to try to get downstairs and out the door. He's thinking of making some cool stuff out of it.
Any orders???? I'm serious.


Seven said...

i think you might already know what i have in mind.

BJ said...

How long are they? Looks like the makings of a really awesome dining table! How cute that your daughter weighs things against potatoes!

Anonymous said...

HE'S TAKING ORDERS??? Oh my gosh, I could totally come up with some things :)

Window boxes
Corner box/shelf
computer desk ;)

that should keep him busy :)

Erin said...

how much would it cost to ship something super cool to the western part of the country?! just joking. i might just have to post on freecycle out here that i'm looking for old barn wood. Then hubby can make me cool stuff too!

Kim said...

I would like one of those cool coffee/puzzle tables!!!! LOL!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

~ Kim L.