Thursday, January 24, 2008

Links you'll love

My hubby and eldest son are in the woods this morning snaring rabbits. We made this a reason to take a break from school and get a few extra things done around the house. I thought I would be able to have things taken care of and sit down with a cup of tea mid-morning and blog away. My, things take a long time. It's now almost time to get lunch started and many things still need to be done but I'm posting anyway, today will be busy and there won't be another chance... and I just have to post! :)

I have a few links I'd like to pass along. The first and foremost is one I need desperately! I was reminded last night as I did a bit of a grammar test online. I thought I was doing well and pretty proud that I knew what I did. The results actually told me, "You should be embarrassed!". That said, I remembered about a site that explains all I need to know. I'll be looking up some things later on. If you don't need to look because you actually learned it all in school when you were younger I'm jealous of you! :) But if you would like to improve read this site:
  • Grammar Girl

  • I also love the LAF website. I do not have much time to read all the great articles they link to but take time every now and then to catch up. Here is the Ladies Against Feminism website:
  • LAF

  • And here is one of the latest I've read from there and I would encourage any other moms out there to do the same (without tomatoes in your hand please!) :
  • The Me Time Myth

  • Now for those interested in learning a bit more about our Canadian geography and reinforcing all the info with your children check out this site. It's fun and can be easy or challenging for them (and you maybe). It also has a link to print a blank map of Canada and also more links to printable map pages.
  • Sheppard Software

  • Now for the jackpot. :) I have fallen in love with the Donna Young site. She is the fairy god mother for the homeschooling family. I was just using her cursive sheets but Seven told me to look around at all the other cool stuff Donna had on the site. Woo Hoo! There are some great things there and so I pass them on to you. Here is the homepage and a few of my new favourite links:
  • Donna Young's Homeschool printables & resources

  • Donna Young's printable Calendars

  • I have my 6 year old doing these penmanship sheets each day. I also started my older two doing them simply to learn the rules. It just so happens that it also makes their writing much neater along the way. :)
  • George Washington's rules of civility

  • And my absolute favourite these days is the little link for the math drill sheets. What a great resource for the homeschooling mom! I print myself the answer key and then some drills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, etc.. After just one week we've seen much improvement. It is meant to get all the basic math facts memorized so that thought isn't even needed. They just know that 9x12 is... um.... well, maybe I should do a couple of those sheets too. :{ Here's the link:
  • Math drill sheets

  • That's not all she has of course. There are even resources to help you organize your home and stuff. She's awesome. :)

    Well, that's all I have time to pass on. I started 25 minutes ago and now it's time for lunch and I better have a quick plan. Tell me it was worth it. Tell me you looked at every link and totally loved them. Tell me Donna Young is awesome and you didn't throw any tomatoes at the third link. Just tell me so I don't feel guilty for updating my blog.

    Okay it's now been 27 minutes and I'm very glad there are some leftovers we can scrape together. :)

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    Martha said...

    It was worth it. I looked at every link and totally loved them. Donna Young is awesome and I didn't throw any tomatoes at the third link.
    Seriously, this was a fun post as I checked everything out and can't wait to get the kids going with some of the geography stuff.