Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reading to the kids

I'm so tired my brain isn't functioning very well, but I'm blogging anyway. :) I've wanted to pass on our reading list to you for a while. We (we actually means I) read to the children each night after tucking them in bed. Many of the books we read are passed down to us from the cousins. We don't own many of the ones we've read including my list below. But we're well stocked because the cousins read through them faster than we do and we are just getting to the bottom of the last bag we were given since Christmas time. :)
So in case you are interested in some good clean reading for the family you can take a look at our list.

Ducktails by Janette Oke, the kids laughed a lot in this one. Silly little duckling! :) Some good lessons to learn about the importance of obeying your parents here.

Danny Orlis and the Old Mine Mystery by Bernard Palmer
Danny Orlis and the Dry Gulch Mystery by Bernard Palmer

There wasn't a picture of the right book for Danny Orlis but I'm sure the whole series is great. It's a Christian Hardy Boys type of book. Excellent for those boys of yours!

Shanghaied to China by Dave & Neta Jackson

This is the first of the trailblazer books we've read. We are pleased with this one but I'm really not sure about the rest. Be sure to read through them before handing over to your children to see if they are too mature or intense.:)

Jimmy Skunk by Thornton W. Burgess

My mom used to read these ones to me and she read them as a child. I'd love to own the whole set.

All of my children enjoyed each of these books. They range in age from 9 - 4. I can't really include the 4 year old I guess, since he is usually asleep before page one is read through. :)

Anyway, that's all she wrote for tonight folks. If you have any book recommendations to pass along please feel free. And if I'm not too tired in the near future I'll add a few more that we've read in another post.

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Murray's Corner said...

No suggestions I'm afraid, but just a comment. Janette Oke lives near me! I forget which town but I know it's really close. And I think she has some movies out.