Friday, January 25, 2008

Book Review Friday: Leviticus 6-10

First things first, If you have no idea what Book Review Friday is all about please see my sidebar and you'll learn really fast and want to join in! :) This week we'll be reading Leviticus 11-15. Keep faithful in your reading. It's those Leviticus type books that we often want to skip, but we're all going to stick with it anyway and give it our best shot. God has stuff in there for us! :) I noticed one of the titles in the upcoming chapters this week is 'The Law Concerning Bodily Discharges'. Hmmmm, sounds....... ewwwww.

Okay, now for my review on chapters 6-10. Again, I didn't get much to share but I have a verse starred and circled. :)
"By those who come near Me I must be regarded as holy; And before all the people I must be glorified." 10:3

Mister man, what a verse! A shake in your boots and get down to business, kind of verse. Love it. God will be glorified whether it is through your life or by taking your life. He means business and we don't get it. We do not take time to consider who the God we serve really is each day. Yes, God loves me, and yes He cares about me and my family, I'm thankful. But I forget that we are here to glorify Him, not be blessed by Him. His ultimate goal is to be glorified, and if that means he must devour someone with holy fire for disobeying, even my own child, then so be it. I just don't want to be on the receiving end of that judgement.

The story of Nadab and Abihu is only a few verses long but they pack a might punch. Two brothers who had just been told exactly what they were supposed to in worshiping God as priests and immediately revert to doing what they want instead and are killed for it.

I can stand on the sidelines with my many different feelings in the situation. I can be horrified at the whole affair for the parents sake. Imagine watching your children burn to death because they profaned the name of the Lord, and then be told you are not allowed to mourn. That's horrible. But then I can totally be on God's side and say "They deserved it! How dare they directly disobey God's clear commands!" (Don't judge me here folks, I know everyone does that sometimes!). But that self-righteous feeling doesn't stay too long because I know myself too well to dwell too long on others faults. That's when my feelings of pity and self-righteousness turn to fear. Oh my, we don't fear God anymore. We down-right don't care much of the time. If the truth were known, deep down in our hearts we would much rather enjoy some 'strange fire' than do exactly what God wants us to do. Before long we are so mixed up in our own made up acts of spirituality we don't remember what pure, unadulterated, God-centered living is like. In fact, we don't even have a clue that we're mixed up. One major reason why I'm loving BRF with all of you is that it's getting us back to the basics. We're learning the Bible, just the Bible. We read, God works. It's awesome. He even uses Leviticus to teach me amazing things.

So from Leviticus I'm taking away one major theme: Do not mess with God! He made us, He saves us, He expects us to live by His rules. And He has every right to deal with those doing their own thing in whatever way He chooses, even me. Yikes!

Well, that's all I have time for right now. We've had a busy but very good day here at Watchthesky and this mommy needs some sleep. I'll be checking Mr.Linky out one last time before bed to see if anyone else was able to complete a review though. If you would like to post a review from the reading this week and do not have a blog please email it to me and I'd love to post it for you.:) But of course, if you do have a blog, here is Mr.Linky. Link away. :)

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