Thursday, January 17, 2008


Last week while we were at our public library & gym my 4 year old disappeared down the small hall that led to the sports equipment. I figured he was getting a ball or something. He was taking a bit too long so I checked on him. I had no idea that the hallway also led to a bathroom that my little guy had just used without my knowing. I was horrified! I let him know that he should never go to the bathroom without mommy or daddy when we are in a public place.

Today my oldest two were working away on their school stuff and my 4 year old came up to me and said that he's not supposed to go to the bathroom alone in public.
"That's right," I said, "It's very important to never do that."
Then my 6 year old asked why.
"It could be very dangerous. There could be someone in there that would be very mean to you." I said.
"Like what?" he asks.

I think all of us mom's have heard stories of kids being taken advantage of in these types of situations, but my kids haven't. I'm not quite sure when they will be ready to hear about such things. For now we'll go with my 9 year old's explanation. Picture a most serious tone:

"Yeah, they could start bashing you against the sink."


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that cracked me up because I wasn't expecting that ending...I love the innocence of children :)

Anne said...

Yep, you've gotta watch out for those nasty sink-bashers.

Murray's Corner said...

LOL, how did you respond to that? I was not expecting that response either! :)

Kristi said...

Ha ha - that's say such funny things...hard to imagine the things some kids go through that others could never even imagine...must be hard to know how to explain such things to your kids...

How old are your kids, anyways?! You have 4? That's a great number - I'm hoping somewhere along the way, I'll have twins...people think I'm crazy when I say that - but, I just want to have as many kids as i can!...pretty excited about this little one that we'll get to meet soon -- about 3 more months, give or take...can't wait!

Have a great weekend...