Saturday, January 19, 2008

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

After entering Blockbuster yesterday to find a 'childrens movie' and having to weed through horribly disgusting images I am thinking I'll never enter a movie place again. I'll just call ahead and ask them to set the one I want aside. Who wants to look at extremely pervise things just to find Mary Poppins? Seriously. Now, once we've watched our latest purchase and join in on the 'Let's go fly a kite' song, I know what the next movie I want to see is. Check out this trailer and see what you think.


Shannon said...

That would be perverse, not 'pervise'. :) I was in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

i wonder it I can post my comment this time?

Anonymous said...

ok, it worked. Earlier I wrote this whole big comment and then I lost it and was too annoyed to try again :)

basically I just said that it looks like an interesting movie. I never pegged Ben Stein for a guy who would be interested in intelligent design. I'm glad he's trying to raise awareness in the scientific community and piont out the obvious flaws of Darwinism. It's so weird how it's like this giant conspiracy cover up thing.

Although intelligent design doesn't seem to be a christian based concept at least it might open the eyes of some to the true and living God that we know.

Good post, thanks!

PS: I love Mary Poppins!!

Nikki said...

That was a long trailer. I'm glad to hear he is standing up for his beliefs. And it really is sad how many people are losing jobs and credibility for believing in God. But the important thing is that they are not denying God lives and loves us.