Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hallowed Be Your Name

One of mine and hubby's favourite reads is John Piper. Hubby reads his books, I read his website. This week on Desiring God, John Piper's website, he had this article on prayer:
  • Pray like this

  • I wanted to pass it along. Prayer is something that I have struggled with a lot. Not only to be more disciplined with it but also to understand just what the point is, and exactly what is the right way to pray. When I saw his headline 'Pray Like This' it got my attention right away. I love how straightforward it is. Say it like it is, right? :) Here are a couple small quotes from the link I gave you just to wet the appetite again.

    “You do not have because you do not ask” means prayer causes things to happen that do not happen if the prayers don’t happen.

    If your joy in God is small, this may be part of the reason. Pray . . . that your joy may be full.

    The first thing that Jesus tells us to ask God to do—mark this! The first thing. The head of the list. Above all others. Most central. Most supreme. Most overarching. Most all-encompassing—the first thing he tells us to ask God to do is that God would cause his name to be hallowed. The first, and all-pervasive, all-influencing, all-controlling concern in prayer is to plead with God that God would make his name supremely valuable in the minds and hearts of people.

    This stuff is important. I know that if I left a link to a gorgeous picture or an awesome recipe you would all check it, but I have my doubts for a link on prayer. That's the way it is most of the time. Let this not be one of those times. :) In this new year of 2008 let's get down to business and start pray without ceasing and just see what the Lord will do!


    Seven said...

    Mom and I were talking a little bit about prayer just yesterday.

    I've had a blog post on prayer floating around in my head for about a year and a half now. Maybe I'll take some time and type it out!

    Anonymous said...

    wow. good one :)