Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Getting prepared for the new year.

It's a blustery snowy day out there and I'm glad to have an afternoon to just chill out. Our Christmas is every bit as busy as yours. :) Then New Year's eve is a big party at The Homeplace to bring in the new year. Games, way too much food, hot apple cider, The Andy Griffith show for the kids to watch, and waiting for the clock to strike midnight, and then lots of sparklers. It makes for some pretty tired kids on Jan 1st but we wouldn't miss it for anything (except the flu, which did happen one year, ewwww).
Growing up we didn't stay up to bring in the new year... ever. But Grammie & Grampie have everyone over every year now. We love reasons to party. And the very next day after the big bash is a birthday party for one of my chillins. Yep, he was the first baby born for our town that year. And I now have a birthday party to get ready for when everyone is sick of partying and gift giving, and concerts, and mommy just happens to be a little extra tired after it all. I could, and I say could because I would never do it for real:), go crazy and get a little overwhelmed with it all. You would think I'd remember to get prepared for a New Years birthday, especially if it happens every single year, but I haven't caught on yet.
Forget all other resolutions for this year. The ones from last year just didn't work out. They are dead and gone, and I'm okay with that. :) But this year I want to keep a close eye on my calander and be prepared for EVERYTHING, right up to that Jan.1st birthday for 2009. Oh yeah, and I also want to keep a close eye on the budget. My, we are seeing God's blessing on our attempts at being frugal. We want to continue down that road. So calanders & budgets are on the list this year.
So what have you got planned for the new year?

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Anonymous said...

what have I got planned for the new year? Well, lets just say I'm gonna get back on track ;)