Friday, February 22, 2008

Book Review Friday Continues

Hello everyone. I finished up in Leviticus and I hope you did too. I enjoyed the last chapters the most out of the whole book. I learned a few things and understand a few things more than before. I also have way more questions than I understand out of most of it. I'll continue to do some digging for answers. I'm pleased as punch with myself that I can finally say that I have read the book of Leviticus a few times through. It took me a number of years being saved to get around to it, but it's finally done. :)

Lets move on to another Old Testament book. I'm starting into Nehemiah 1-6. I would suggest doing a light reading of Ezra before you begin into Nehemiah. We've done Ezra before and its all tied in together. Ezra was so good I just want to do that one all over again. I keep reminding myself that I'll get back to it, there's undiscovered territory before me and I won't want to miss out on that. So Nehemiah it is! :)

Please join me in Book Review Friday and reap the benefits that you can only discover by becoming a biblical bookworm. I'll have Mr.Linky back up and running next week for everyone. If you have no idea what BRF is just check out my sidebar and use the links there. :)

Check ya later.

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jenn said...

I did finish leviticus. I only read the last chapters once though. Looking forward to Nehemiah!