Saturday, February 16, 2008

Book Review, or the lack of...

Well ladies, I'm a day late and a review short. Just in case there was someone having a hard time coping because there was no Mr.linky to post a review for Leviticus on I thought I'd better check in and say hello.

I've been taking care of 4 sick chillins these past few days and there isn't time to think through and type a review. I'm not going to put up a Mr.Linky today, or for a while, but I'm going to keep reading in Leviticus 21-27 this week and finish that book up (phew!). I'll keep letting everyone know what I'm reading each week so you all can keep up if you want. I'd love to see reviews too, there just won't be a Mr.Linky to link to. :)

Please keep reading. It's sooo important. If you have time to read a Christian book, a magazine, watch TV, surf the net, then you have time to read your Bible. To read the amount that I usually put up here on my blog you only need about 20 minutes a day (if you're slow like me). :) Soon you'll find yourself engrossed and wanting more.

(I'm admitting to you all that my goal is to read the last 7 chapters in Leviticus at least 3 times completely this week. I'm not sure how this week will pan out and I just want to get this book done. Maybe that's my tiredness talking. :)

later gaters.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Shannon. I am reading Lev. 21-27. Please let me know what you are reading so I have you to be accountable to. Thanks for all your hard work. Right now I can't talk I guess the cold bug got me:(:(

jenn said...

you and your chillins were missed at church today! Hope everyone is feeling better real soon. not fair, no fun.

I'm going to try and finish up Leviticus this week too :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are all sick over there. Since I blogged, EVERYONE here has fallen except the baby. Jeff even broke his 21 year streak of no vomiting, as of this afternoon. Hopefully I will be better (somewhat) by tomorrow so I can take care of everyone. This will be our third week of no regular school because of illness. Good thing we homschool.

I will pray for you and your family Shannon.