Monday, February 25, 2008

Production is good.

Although her milk production is down just a bit from the beginning, which we were told would happen if we switched to hay instead of silage, we are still very pleased with all that #59 is giving us. She's a good cow as cows go. :) In fact I've almost stopped screaming every time I milk her and she moves toward me quickly. *hint* : not a good idea to scream when inside a stall with a big cow, they become a little nervous. But I'm making progress. :)

There is just so much you can do with all the milk a cow gives. Seven knows much more about it first hand. I haven't made my own yogurt and cream cheese and stuff yet, but I will. I've made butter a few times. Who can resist when you get this much cream????! Since the cream line is hard to see in the picture I'm pointing to it.

Yep, that's where the cream line is. Crazy.
And here is the one responsible for it all. Ain't she a beaut!


Anne said...

She's a beaut. We are SO jealous of you guys.

Martha said...

Love the "milk jug"!! With its cat tail handle and unique spout it looks like a princess house hand blown pitcher!!
That is a ton of cream!!!

Shannon said...

Well Martha, you know your stuff! It is a princess house hand blown pitcher, how did you know?