Monday, February 18, 2008

I have conquered.

I milked #59. Oh yes, I did. To all of you who thought I couldn't do it I took a picture of the finished product as proof.

I cleaned the stall, fed and watered the cow... and then it was time to milk it.
Really there was no problem getting the milk out, that was easy. It's my aim that I need to work on. That jar is supposed to be full and maybe a bit besides, and it would have been full but.... all the milk that is not in the picture is nicely soaked into the knee and sleeve of my coveralls and the shirt and jeans underneath.

Now don't roll your eyes at me too much over that, It's not entirely my fault. #59, or Twink I should say, has chapped teats that are causing multi-directional spraying while milking. It was as messy as it sounds.

But its done. My hands, shoulders, and legs are killing me, but the milking has been done 3 times in a row by yours truly.


Anonymous said...

Very good !!
There is a special cream that you can get for her chapped teats.

Anonymous said...

Neat! I was wondering if we get to see a picture of the cow in the barn? Please?

jenn said...

oh my that made me you need udder cream?

It's not that I thought you couldn't do it, it just makes for a funny picture in my mind :) Good job though!!