Friday, February 8, 2008

Book Review Friday: Psalm 1-8

First things first, it's back to Leviticus this week. Chapters 16-20 folks. Do not despair, we're a little over half way done the book. We'll come back to Psalm another week. :)

I am so glad we took a break and did a bit in Psalm. I loved it! I'm worried my review might end up on the lengthy side so feel free to skim or skip. :)
I've read Psalm 1 many times and memorzied it a long time ago. It's a good one. Something new came to my mind reading it this week though. It was what was written about meditating and delighting in God's Word day and night. That's what us girls in Book Review Friday are learning to do, really getting into the Word, and from what I understand we are all loving the process too. That's great and all, but then it talks about the product of the delighting and meditating. "He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, That brings forth its fruit in its season." vs,3.

A tree planted by a river is going to grow. It has as much water as it wants from the soil around it, never lacking nutrition. As it grows it gets stronger and stronger and bears fruit. It withstands storms and droughts and the perils that nature throws at it. Although you cannot see where its strength comes from we know that its roots go deep. They know where life is found and they constantly grow reaching out for more. "It's leaf also shall not wither, And whatever he does shall prosper."

Then the verses explain what it's like for those who don't have a love for God's Word. They don't plant themselves, they just blow around wherever the wind takes them.

I got thinking about knowing God's will too. I can wonder about God's will for my life and just exactly what He wants of me each day. Or, I can plant myself in His Word and allow Him to direct. A tree doesn't gad about looking for the next best place to do a bit of fruitful exercise, it just keeps nourishing itself from drawing the water- getting stronger. Because it has stayed in one place and given its roots time to develop it can take the storms and droughts. It prospers because of the hidden strength. I want to be strong too and Christians literature, devotionals, and courses are not going to do it. Reading the Bible over and over and over again is what will make the difference.
Reminds me of a Proverb I love, 12:3 "The root of the righteous cannot be moved."

I also loved Psalm 3:5 where it said "Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, And put your trust in the Lord." Many times in my day just doing the right thing is a tremendous sacrifice. It's hard for us moms to do good when our whole mind and body is screaming to ignore what God has laid in front of us, that we're tired..... or you've got a cow coming and so much to do... whoops! Got off topic there. :)

Anyway, I have to get going. Hubby is home from work and ready to sit and relax. I'll leave Mr.Linky here for anyone who hasn't given up on BRF for this week. It's been a busy day and many things still are not done, but I had to get a review up. It didn't end up being as long as I wanted. There are a bunch of other verses that I loved and wanted to write about. It's hard to keep writing with a husband behind you eating and waiting to use the computer. :) I hope you all enjoyed Psalm as well. :)

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