Sunday, February 10, 2008

Til the cows come home

It is our very last night as a carefree cowless family. Oh my.

It may not be a big deal to you, but it's not coming to your house! I'm not ready. I think I need to stop reading "The Family Cow" too. Reading how to care for a cow is seeming more and more overwhelming and so I think we'll quit for today & take er as she comes. :)

Hubby is going to the farm for a quick lesson in hand milking (which apparantly the farmer thinks is pretty silly) in the early morning. After that #59, and a couple bales of hay, is due to arrive around 11:00am. As soon as they arrive life as we know it will be changed.

I'll just keep praying.
I think I'll keep chanting to myself too.... "We can do it! We can do it! We can do it!"


Kristi said...

Oh my word, I still love that you are getting a cow - hope all goes well and #59 will feel a real warm welcome from all of you!! (Are you keeping her named #59?) We had a great time in Halifax...we love visiting the city, but...our energy level is never as we imagine it when we anticipate going to the city...we love to be home!! We'd like to come over again sometime in the near future...would love to come to your neck of the woods and "reconnect" with you and meet your fam...maybe someday...Hope all goes well today...

Anonymous said...

#59 coming in a snow storm. She might not be so pleased with her moving day conditions!

You guys will be fine. Your children are fine, your chickens are fine and your cow will be fine.


The Booker Blog said...

How I love that you're getting a cow! You're living MY dream! Keep us posted! You ROCK!!!

Stacy said...

over from your comment at Kendra's...

and, can i just say, YOU ARE LIVING MY DREAM!

seriously. i want a cow SO much. and i would be doing hand milking, too. WAY TO GO!!! :)