Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sweet things.

Making cupcakes is nothing new. I make them often. I like sweets and I usually have to do up a double batch of every recipe so that the kids will have a chance at getting some. Seriously.
This time when I made cupcakes I did some different stuff to them. I'm not creative so I have to copy all the cool ideas from you people out there. I copied this idea from the Nesting Place, , who copied it from someone else. I only had yellow and blue food coloring and I do not have any cake decorating stuff, so I put the icing in a plastic sandwich bag and cut a small piece out of a corner to squeeze the icing through. Here is my finished product. :)

Aren't they cute!?! I'm excited for the next baby shower or party to come along so that I can take some cutie cupcakes and cookies. But since there are no parties coming in the near future we packed some up on a pretty plate and shared them.

Maybe I should make another batch. Another double batch. :)


jenn said...

we like cupcakes here... ;)

those are very cute!

Seven said...

i think i'm losing my mind. where did the tag post go?

nice cupcakes, by the way.

Erin said...

is that charmin's white cake recipe? oh my stars. i made a ton of cupcakes last week and i won't tell you how many i ate. they were SO good. and now i may have to make more. oh wait. i have no sugar. maybe that's a good thing.

Erin said...

i made these cupcakes today for a mom i babysit for (it's her birthday). i stole your decorating idea, got out my little plastic bag and went to town with the icing. they are SO cute. i'll have to post some pics.