Wednesday, February 6, 2008


We are off to start school in 2 seconds but I just saw this and want you all to see it too. Please check out the link, it's short and worthwhile. I know there are some pregnant ladies out there, 3 of which are my sisters, that are feeling more tired than usual these days and I know you'll love what this lady says. :)
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    Kristi said...

    Sweet...I'm sitting in my office, imagining this little life growing inside me...and can't imagine, already, not having him/her in my life...I can't wait to be a little mama.

    Also - I just 'caught up' on your blog entries...I LOVE that you guys are getting a cow!!! I used to have a real 'thing' for cows...not that I knew anything about them, but I had all kinds of cow 'things' displayed around my room...(I later came to my senses, and got rid of them...) I think cows are great, though...and I'm sure fresh milk and cream and butter will make #59 a sure hit!! And Jersey cows are honestly so adorable. (You may have different sentiments once you have her home, but -- honestly...) Congrats on your new addition to your family!! Hope all goes well...